About Us

Gemina B.

For years, our aim has been to satisfy our customers by offering them diversity in the scope of our ranges in terms of design, families of fragrances and prices. Constantly coming up with new ideas and sharing an emotion.  Extensive research has gone into the aesthetic design of our products and we are careful to give each of our perfumes a special added value to make it a unique object symbolising imagination, dreams and desire. 

Although the design of a bottle is important, its soul lies in the fragrance which is its reason for existence. That is why once again we have surrounded ourselves with the best perfumers and pay the greatest attention to this meticulous process of development. A combination of pleasure and simplicity, of sophistication and effectiveness.


Address: 422, rue Saint Honoré 75008 PARIS Phone: 01 47 03 63 36 - Fax: 01 47 03 63 40 Email: info@geparlys.com